Are you looking to have a Will? It’s important that all the details are covered fully to avoid issues that could arise with the distribution of assets after death. You need a good Law Firm that will help you in the process. You are in the right place! Habib Law Professional Corporation office is very knowledgeable with many years of experience in writing Wills.

Wills are an essential document to be written before death. Without a will, your assets may not necessarily end up going to the people you thought they would. Dying without one may mean your assets will be distributed against your wishes. If you don’t make a will, the government decides who inherits your estate according to the statutory laws of intestacy under the Succession Law Reform Act. This means you no longer get to choose who benefits from your estate upon your death.

We also provide legal advice for:

  • Prepare wills (Mirror will, Living will & mutual will)
  • Estate administration and Distribution
  • Power of Attorney for Financial/Banking
  • Power of Attorney for personal Care
  • Continuing power of Attorney for Property
  • Independent legal Advice ILA